holy shit, darth sidious is cleaning up

and he actually left coruscant for once

i want to believe that the little jedi girl who bonded with hondo survives order 66 and goes on to join his merry band of pirates, who all later aid the rebel alliance

even ashoka thinks obi-wan is the only other jedi

'the separatists are invading the system. general kenobi must have been overwhelmed. since he’s the only other person who does this sort of thing.’

general grievous just doesn’t give a fuck

he attacks the rescue fleet and destroys it, then invades the planet they were going to rescue the younglings from. what is his game plan here, he just goes around laughing and coughing. 

'as i'm the only other jedi in the galaxy and my ship blew up, i'm afraid the younglings are now on their own'

just call someone else obi-wan

there’s probably some significance to obi-wan and other jedi becoming officers in the grand army of the republic 

and even referring to himself as ‘general kenobi’ in transmissions to other jedi when ‘master kenobi’ might be more appropriate

but I’m not knowledgeable enough to write about what it means for him and the jedi to do something like that

hondo the space pirate leader from star wars the close wars is certainly bisexual, he was totes nuzzling those other pirates in that scene in s05e08 though i don’t know the pirate species and how stuff works for them

and lol when it’s like ‘i’ll make you wish you were born a protocol droid’ and hondo’s like ‘sometimes i wish i was anyway’


Anakin being 1000% done with Obi-Wan accepting drinks from pirates and druglords.


Anakin being 1000% done with Obi-Wan accepting drinks from pirates and druglords.

i like the episodes that expand on the Republic as corrupt, and the ones that expand on the ‘heroes of both sides’ and the notion of the separatists as just having a lot of systems joining in good faith, while still ultimately being as corrupt if not worse than the republic

they were shooting at those droids for like 20 full seconds before one of them said ‘it’s an ambush!’ in surprise no wonder they need so many

the bit at the school at the start of the doctor who episode was more than a bit cute

Anonyme a dit: Do you read any DC comics? If so, which ones?

Well, not really these days. I used to read Batgirl, Batman and Batwoman. The stuff I mainly like from DC are those big Superman stories like Superman for All Seasons or whatever it’s called, and All-Star Superman

Anonyme a dit: I know you've had a quite a few requests, but after you've done the others could you do a guide on how to start reading guardians of the galaxy, I'm not fussed about how long it takes, honestly, even if i have to wait till next year, im a student too i know how work can get super crazy. Your other guides are just so good i would love to see one on guardians of the galaxy if its possible :)

Yes, I can do that… Eventually haha




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